A couple major events are happening in the near future in our church.  After fourteen years as your pastor, I am going to a new ministry in St. Louis.  You have been a vital part of my life and ministry for so long.  It will be tough to move on.  I have celebrated over 4,800 Masses here at St. Paschal Church.  I have had well over 150 funerals.  I have presided over more than 180 baptisms and have had the privilege to receive almost 70 new Catholics into the Church.  This has been my home for a long, long time.     

The other big event happening is the work being done on our Strategic Plan.  This work had been put on hold for almost a year, but now is back on the front burner.  Hopefully, we will see some significant changes in ministry and in the physical plant in the future.

Please check this website or our Facebook page regularly to keep up with what is happening. Use the "NEWS" Tab at the top of this page to view more Important information!  Also CLICK Here.     

Fr. Frank Coens, OFM