Scripture Basics - Recorded Webinar

from the Diocese of Shreveport Office of Catechesis/Greco Institute     
Growing Confident Catholics Series, Published October 12, 2016

Scripture Basics Description: A two hour seminar that includes understanding of the Catholic approach to Scripture, learning how the Bible is God's revelation of Himself, how the Bible is divided, finding verses and praying with Scripture. Participants will experience the Bible with hands on approaches and leave with tools for guiding others.

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The Gospel of Matthew with Father Pat. MaddenStMatthew2

The Gospel of Matthew will be proclaimed during Ordinary time beginning with Advent November 27, 2016.

What would Christmas Season be without the story of the Magi and the Star? These narratives, along with the annunciation to Joseph of our Savior’s birth, are found only in Matthew. Only in Matthew do we learn of the plans of the wicked King Herod to kill the infant Jesus, and of the flight of the Holy Family to Egypt until the danger is over.

The Office of Catechesis and Greco Institute have prepared a four part overview of the Gospel of Matthew taught by Fr. Pat Madden. It is designed for catechists, lectors, and other liturgical ministers, deacons and any one who wants to learn a little bit more about this great spiritual treasure of our faith.

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Adult Faith Formation
Growing Confident Catholics Seminar Series

  • Scripture Basics
    If you would like the opportunity to virtually attend the first part of our “Growing Confident Catholics” series – SCRIPTURE BASICS, you may now view the seminar online by clicking this LINK. Enjoy!

  • Forming Families of Faith Webinar Part 1
    Did you know the Church calls the family the “Domestic Church?”  In this two part webinar, catechists, parents, grandparents and other inquiring minds will discover the beauty of the Domestic Church and concrete, applicable tools for helping families know Jesus and grow in holiness.  The Forming Families of Faith Webinar  
    Part 1 can now be viewed on YouTube by clicking the following LINK.

  • Forming Families of Faith Webinar: Part 2
    The second edition of the Families of Faith Webinar, a part of the Growing Confident Catholics series, was on Tuesday, October 25th, 2016 at 8:30 p.m. Please register first so that we may email you the appropriate resources that accompany this unique presentation by Shelly Bole. If you would like to view the webinar, please click on this LINK.


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